Welcome to High Vibe Motherhood.

We are rising mothers raising rising children.

We are a global community of women making the world a better place by raising our vibrations through sacred self-care and raising the vibrations of future generations through peaceful parenting.

The world as we know it is changing.  High Vibe Motherhood exists to help us all through these major shifts so that we can create a beautiful, thriving world for ourselves and others.


Celebrating Death and Rebirth on Samhain

I’ve always loved celebrating Halloween.  The scent of wet leaves, fun costumes, and candy have always made for a fun day. Except for that time my mom made me wear a long sleeve shirt under my mermaid costume when I was 5… WTF Mom, mermaids don’t wear long sleeve...

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A Tale of Beginning Again

I awoke this morning, after a beautiful week of rising sisterhood at Omega in Rhinebeck, NY (more on this later), extremely excited to jump back into my work, update my website, and add upcoming events. When I attempted to log in though, nothing happened.  I attempted...

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When Forgiveness is Hard

I’ve always struggled with forgiveness.  In the past, I certainly never forgave someone without talking it out; and by talking it out I mean I got to explain over and over what they did wrong, ask them why they might have done it and expressed (over and over) why I...

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Finding My Happiness

I actually can’t identify the exact moment it happened, and this surprises me.  All my life I thought it would be like my own personal big bang, like a giant, bright explosion where I would just suddenly feel enlightened. And happy. What I can identify, however, are...

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