I awoke this morning, after a beautiful week of rising sisterhood at Omega in Rhinebeck, NY (more on this later), extremely excited to jump back into my work, update my website, and add upcoming events.

When I attempted to log in though, nothing happened.  I attempted to visit my website.  I saw a blank page.  Panic began to set in.  I didn’t back any of my work up.  I got lazy about writing in a word document and simply typed my work right into WordPress.  And EVERYTHING was suddenly GONE.  Over 50 hours of work…. Was gone.

I called GoDaddy, and they informed me that they could restore my site for $200.00.  That didn’t feel right; my website had been working only 24 hours earlier.

So, I cried for a few minutes.  I grieved my lost writings and the hours spent carefully making a visually appealing website.  I asked the universe for help and my Facebook friends for support.

Then I started to rebuild.

As I created each page, ideas and words flowed effortlessly through my fingers and onto the screen.  My loving friends I met last week at Rise Sister Rise helped me realize that my website disappearing was simply the shedding of skin that no longer served me.  Losing everything allowed me to begin again with a clearer vision in mind.  The universe had my back, as usual, and I could feel it.

Sometimes, we find ourselves dealing with discouraging circumstances.  They are often painful, even heartbreaking, but the universe (or God or source, etc.) will always be there waiting to support you.  You just have to ask.

So today, High Vibe Motherhood begins again.  Like a phoenix, she rises from the ashes, ready to take on more of the world with an even bigger message than before.

Soon, you will find more in-person workshops, opportunities to work with me one on one, training that will allow you to facilitate your own High Vibe Motherhood moon circles, and an amazing membership website that will help you find your tribe of fellow mamas.  Additional designs are coming to the shop soon, too.

I hope you’ll follow along as we fill these pages with more value, more words, and more opportunities to raise both your vibration and the next generation of lightworkers.