I’ve always loved celebrating Halloween.  The scent of wet leaves, fun costumes, and candy have always made for a fun day.

Except for that time my mom made me wear a long sleeve shirt under my mermaid costume when I was 5… WTF Mom, mermaids don’t wear long sleeve shirts.

(I was totally crying five minutes before this photo was taken.)

As I step back into my witchiness as an adult, I get to celebrate two holidays today.  Halloween with my little one and Samhain with me, myself, and all the spirits around me.  As Lily gets older, I will most definitely be teaching her the spiritual side of this beautiful day.  But for now, I am happy to dress her up as a llama and let her run from house to house, increasing the amount of candy ingested by this 9-months-pregnant mama.

So what is Samhain all about you ask?  Why, death of course!  

The veil is thin this time of year, so if you’d like to communicate with loved ones or just help some spirits along on their journey, today is a great day to do that.  From seances with friends to a simple, silent meditation to welcome in signs from those closest to us in the spirit realm, this is a perfect time to ask some questions or simply bask in the warmth and memory of those who have passed.

But death isn’t just about leaving the human body.  Death is also SO much about releasing what is no longer serving us and reflecting on all that we’ve already released over the past year.  

  • I lost a beautiful soul in December at 12 weeks pregnant, but over the last few months, I have allowed my grief to die and have birthed a new sense of acceptance and resilience in order to make room in my heart for this beautiful baby girl due in just 3 weeks.
  • I have allowed my habit of “settling” to die and have birthed my dream clients and the ability to manifest so. much. love and friendship.  No longer will I take on any client or spend my day doing something that doesn’t fill me up.
  • My attachments to the past, to relationships that no longer serve me, and to all that was blocking me from pure abundance have also done a lot of dying this year.  From this,  I have rebirthed new ideas, a sense of calm confidence, and an excitement for what I can create in the future.

As we begin to hunker down for the quiet rest of winter, we ourselves will awake refreshed and reborn in the spring.  So, if you’re still hanging on to some things that clearly need to die, spend some time today working through the death process and have faith that doing so will bring about the beautiful blooming you’ve been waiting for.

Like most of the pagan holidays, Samhain comes down to a reflection of the past, gratitude for the present, and hope for the future.  As you watch your kids stomp on leaves in their adorable costumes, try to let the stress of dealing with their overstimulated and over-sugared minds at bedtime tonight die.  And instead, rebirth that feeling of gratitude for all that you’ve overcome as a mama this year, all of the ways you and your children have grown, and all of the excitement that lies ahead.

Happy Samhain and blessed be.

What have you released and rebirthed this year?  Are you looking for some guidance?  Try out my Samhain Tarot Spread: